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Provincial Grand Lodge of West Kent
Officers of the Lodge
Worshipful Master W. Bro. M. Nettlingham
Immediate Past Master W. Bro. N. T. Rossiter, PPrGStB
Senior Warden W. Bro. N.S. Haslam, PPrGReg
Junior Warden W. Bro. M. R. Boulton, LGR
Chaplain W. Bro. E. Hampson, PAGDC, APGM
Treasurer W. Bro. J. Coomber PPrJGD
Secretary W. Bro. D.J. Hudson, PProvJGD
Director of Ceremonies W. Bro. I. J. Garrett, PPrGChStwd*
Almoner W. Bro. G. E. Horton, PPrGSwdB
Charity Steward W. Bro. J. Lines,RA , LGR
Lodge Mentor W. Bro. D. R. Hanson, PPrGSwdB, PPrGSwdB (E. Kent)
Senior Deacon Bro. D. Simmons
Junior Deacon W. Bro J. Lines,RA , LGR
Asst. Director of Ceremonies W. Bro. G. M. Garrett, RA
Asst. Secretary W. Bro. N. T. Rossiter, PPrGStB
Inner Guard W. Bro. D. R. Hanson, PPrGSwdB, PPrGSwdB (E. Kent)
Steward Bro. D. Berrydanes
Steward Bro. J. Sheaves
Steward Bro. C. Parlett
Steward Bro. B. Pearce
Tyler W. Bro. R. Brown, LGCR, LGR
RA REP W. Bro. D. J. Hudson,RA , PProvJGD
Past Masters of the Lodge
2017 W. Bro. N. T. Rossiter
2016 W. Bro. J. Lines
2015 W. Bro. P. E. Scutts
2014 W. Bro. D. Graham
2013 W. Bro. G. M. Garrett
2012 W. Bro. G. M. Garrett
2011 W. Bro. I. J. Garrett
2010 W. Bro. G. E. Horton
2009 W. Bro. J.F. Hudson
2008 W. Bro. J.F. Hudson
2007 W. Bro. S.P. Reader, (R)
2006 W. Bro. D.J. Hudson
2005 W. Bro. M.D. Crawford, (R)
2004 W. Bro. P.G. Reader, (R)
2003 W. Bro. I.J. Garrett
2002 W. Bro. L.A. Cross
2001 W. Bro. L.A. Cross
2000 W. Bro. I. Thorn, (R)
1999 W. Bro. N. Rossiter
1998 W. Bro. I.R. Thorn, (R)
1997 W. Bro. P.L. LaRoche, (R)
1996 W. Bro. L.A. Cross
1995 W. Bro. D.R. Hanson
1994 W. Bro. M. Ives
1993 W. Bro. D. Graham
1992 W. Bro. B.J. Madden, (Deceased)
1991 W. Bro. E. Hampson
1990 W. Bro. R.E. Horton, (R)
1989 W. Bro. Prof. P.S. Wright
1988 W. Bro. W.S. Wright
1987 W. Bro. T.D. Wallis (Deceased)
First Wednesday in March (Installation)
Third Tuesday in June
Fourth Thursday in September
First Friday in December
Famous Masons