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Provincial Grand Lodge of West Kent
About us ....

The Meridian Lodge of West Kent was consecrated on 4th February 1987 at Oakley House, Bromley, Kent.

The Lodge is a Patron of the R.M.B.I.

We are a very happy Masonic Lodge based at The Dartford Masonic Centre, Kent, where we meet for our Lodge meetings and many of our social events.

Our visitors, friends and family will vouch that good food, good company and good entertainment are enjoyed by all.

Lodge Meeting

1st Tuesday in March (Installation) 3rd Tuesday in June 4th Thursday in September

White Table Meeting 1st Friday in December

A white Table meeting is when all the non Masonic guests can attend the meal. Men who are either curious about Freemasonry, or who have expressed some interest in the subject in the past have the opportunity to meet our members and ask questions and find out some of those facts they may up to then have not known. The object of the evening is to generate membership enquiries by allowing non masons to experience the very special atmosphere we are all so familiar with, both within the Temple and at the dining table, and to enjoy typical Masonic hospitality at the Festive Board.

Upcoming Outings

Knowle House Sunday 2nd October 16 Weekend Trips Luxembourg Christmas Market Friday 9 December 16 £199.00 pp Christmas at Longleat Sunday 18 December 16 £129.00 pp

Chatham Dockyard Saturday 24 September 16
Waverley paddle steamer 8 October.

Please contact Doug Graham for further information


W.Bro J Coomber PPrJGD

W.Bro D Hanson PPrGSwdB

W.Bro I Garrett PPrGCStwd

Congratulations go to all three

Tour of Grand Lodge
Freemasons Hall

Grand lodge tour Saturday 30 July 16 10.30 At grand lodge.

After the tour of Grand Lodge, the members gathered at the Freemasons Arms for lunch.

The feedback from the members was that this was a worthwhile tour and it is hoped to hold another tour of Grand Lodge soon.

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First Wednesday in March (Installation)
Third Tuesday in June
Fourth Thursday in September
First Friday in December
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